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Composite Fabrication Technologies


Interested in composite fabrication?

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This class is for anyone interested in learning about these high tech materials and processes. If you're a hobbyist that wants to make cool parts, someone that wants to get into the composites industry, or just want to learn about the latest materials and processes, this class is for you! This is a hands-on class where students will learn the principles while working on their own projects. Certification will be provided upon completion.

Location: Composites Classroom
845 W Colorado, Monrovia, CA map

Sample Lessons

Learn how to design and create prototypes and models from scratch using various materials. Make virtually anything you want from light and strong composites!

The class will cover finishing techniques to achieve a class A finish for mold making.
Create plugs to use as one-off molds for custom parts or low production volume. Tool design will cover mold styles and criteria for open and closed molding practices.
Students will practice gel coat application and troubleshooting.
Learn the secrets to creating Class A finishes on molds for high quality parts.
Mold repair techniques to restore and refinish, and selection of materials for high temperature use. Tool preparation and mold release application.
Reproduce existing parts with high performance composites. Modify designs or just make them lighter and stronger. Learn how to create flanges for vacuum bagging and making multi-piece molds.
Students will be exposed to various materials used to make molds that will be strong and very durable. The use of various resins and reinforcements will be covered.
Learn about high tech materials and their applications in hobby projects and automotive, marine, and aerospace industries.
The properties of materials will be examined, and design principles and consideration for composite parts. Layup schedules and material selection play a big role in the quality of the parts.

Various production techniques will be covered. Students will do hands-on work to improve their skills.

Vacuum bagging techniques to achieve a tight seal for removing trapped air and excess resin.
Learn about resin infusion! This high tech process is used to produce higher quality parts, and reduce odors and emissions normally associated with composites. Solving infusion problems and designing resin feed and vacuum line system.
Use of core materials to improve strength of parts.
Make custom carbon fiber parts.
Learn how to make difficult shapes and use adhesives for bonding composites.

Monrovia Community Adult School
920 s. Mountain Avenue
Monrovia, California 91016
(626) 471-3035